Fragments of Kaos

A snowflake does not make a snowstorm

The adventurers went to the peack, noticing that the weather was getting worse the closer they were to the peack. Strange things were also happening to the usual dweller of the mountains.
In the end, after risking their lives in a snowstorm, they reached the pass, where they realized that Snilz, the thief, had gone missing.While exploring the pass, they found three corpses, which apparently died due to the freezing wheater. However, what puzzled them was the unusual frostbites that they found on the corpses. Altough the bodies were frozen, the frost bites where unusually placed in the chest of the corpses. Seeing this Kane theorized that they were killed by magical means, probably frost-based spell.
The mage could not even tell the others of his guesswork that a strange figure made her appereance, taunting them. She looked like an elven child, dressed in a blue dress, with six cristal-like wings around her. The mage identified her immediatly as an elemental, while As’taris, the druid, was sure that the strange girl was a fairy.
After a brief dialogue, where the elemental/fairy ,after presenting herself as Cirno and boasting her superior intellect, attacked the group.
The fight that started dissipated them of every doubt they may have left on who or what had killed the men they’ve seen: Cirno started attacking with a strange, unnaturally blue Scorching Ray, which nearly knocked out Grim. Grim, blinded with fury, charged the fairy, but, due to his rage and pain for the heavy damage he suffered by the spell, he instead hitted As’taris’ comnpanion, a white wolf, with a scythe, nearly killing it. As’taris run to her companion side, healing him with her most powerful spells. Meanwhile, Kane summoned a celestial eagle, while Malt healed the warrior wounds. The fairy turned her attenction on the mage, hitting him with a Magic Missile while flying up into the air, out of reach for Grim, which dropped his scythe and drew out his crossbow, loading it. In the mean time As’taris, after having secured her companion well-being, turned her attention to the fairy, casting a Produce Flame. Kane instead responded to the fairy attack with an Acid Arrow, while his eagle attacked the fairy in mid-air. Malt too extracted his crossbow, loading it. Cirno, having been heavily wounded by the eagle, shoot down the summoned creature with a Magic Missile. Grim and Malt fired their crossbow, As’taris her flames. After being wounded by those attacks, Cirno yielded, asking for mercy, claiming to know precious informations about the innatural winter.
The group stopped attacking, asking the fairy what information she knew. Hovewer Cirno, after commenting on how naive they were, unleashed a powerful rain of ice shards, causing a landslide, which trampled the group, dragging them in a fissure into the mountain side.



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