Fragments of Kaos

Arrival to Tradem

The morning after the encounter with the seer, the group met another, rather unusual, person: they were woked up by an high-pitched voice, pleading for help. They discovered that a sylph had come seraching for them, specifically for As’taris, affirming that two fo her sisters had been taken prisoners by a powerful mage, in the town of Tradem, who was intentioned to use their powers to animate a monstruosity of flesh. The druid priestess promptly accepted the task, and the fairy gave her a magical feather, capable of showing her the way to the imprisoned sylphs.
After the meeting with the sylph, the adventurers finally arrived to Tradem, were they part ways with their guide, The Bard. (not without a sigh of relief from Kane)
at the city gates, the adventurers were stopped by the guards, led by captain Croax, which confiscated the weapons of the majority of the group, excluding Axoras and As’taris, since Tradem law imposed a fee to pay for permission to carry arms into the city. Suddenly, while the group was handing down their weapons, a small figure dashed near Johannes, stealing his bag.
The guards immediatly reacted, and Croax sniped the figure with a single arrow, piercing his head. The thief was discovered to be a young boy, no more than twelwe in age, and while the group, expecially As’taris and Johannes, stood there in shock, the citizien nearby started to yell, enraged, at the guards. Croax gt rid of it stating it was just a “minor disorder”, and exorted the adventurers to move on.
The group then split, with the mojority of the group searching for an armery, while Kane went to the Temple District, since he learned that it was there the place were he could find some magical reagents. Here he met an old acquaintance of the group, Veigar Greymantle, which they had previosly met in the small town of Talman. The gnome seemed to have relocated his shop in a secondary alley of the district, near the main square.
At the same time, the other members of the band went to the Militia District, in search of a blacksmith.



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