Fragments of Kaos

In the Hall of the Mountain

After falling down into the fissure, the party came to a tumbling end into a seeming natural cave. After checking if everyone of them was alright, they decided that they were too exhausted to properly explore the cave, so they decided to rest there for a rest. The cave was unnaturally warm, and they felt their fatigue fade from them as they slept there. When they awoke, they found out that their injuries had healed much more quickly than what would be considered usual, and that they had nor hunger or thristh. Unsettled by these discoveries, they made their way through numerous tunnels.
As the group made his way through the maze, they began to see traces of sentient being inhabiting the caves: as they wentured into the caves, Grim activated a trap, making darts rain over the party from the ceiling.
After the trap, the group took a much more weary advance, examing carefully their surroundings, succesfully dodging two other traps, until they came to an opening into the wall, while the tunnel continued, turning left. The opening seemed fairly recent to them, probably caused by the quake that made them fall into the underground complex. The other side seemed to be another tunnel, this time the work of humanoids, as it was cobbled with flagstones.
While they continued to explore the cave, they were ambushed by a group of Mites, which along with some giant maggots, were quickly dispatched by some fire-based spells from As’taris and Kane. The group re-united with Snilz, which had entered from another passage, which collapsed behind him. The group, finally whole, continued to explore the cave, until they found another fork. The group took the left turn, finding, after a few minutes of walking, a strange arch, inscribed with writing none of them could decipher. Going ahead, the corridor lead to a small room, where a large sarcophagus stood, an urn on it, humming with magic, and four great stone statues. using a minor spell, Kane discovered that the urn was the source of a powerful ward, whose focus were the four stone statues in the room.
He then started fiddling with the statues, trying to cut out the ward power source. However, something went horribly wrong: with an ear-brusting noise, the urn exploded, releasing massive arcane energies, and causing another quake. Both As’taris and Malt were knocked unconscious by the falling debris, and with a blood chilling howl, the tomb lid was thrown away, slamming against Grim, smashing him into a wall.
An undead mostrousity emerged from the tomb, cursing them for profaning a holy site. The figure quickly engaged with Snilz and As’taris wolf companion, keeping them at bay, apparently immune to harm, be it from daggers or from claws. Only Kane seemed to be able to affect the skeletal monster with his spells, an the undead, revealing a rather superior intelligence compared to other undeads, focused his attacks on him. Meanwhile, Grim managed to free himself from the coffin lid, and, after having grabbed his scythe, engaged the undead.
Eventually the thing collapsed, pronouncing cryptic words about things that were not meant to be freed.



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