Fragments of Kaos

Not so brief summary of what happened 2

The group made it into the laboratory, just to discover that they had triggered some sort of trap. A swarm of elemental minions attacked them, and afterwards they were engaged by two Ice golems. This fight porved to be extremely difficult, as As’taris wolf was impaled by a shower of ice shards and subsequently died.
With the druid reduced to a catathonic state by the loss of her companion, the party ventured further into the cave, finding a death frost wyrm, and numerous signs of battle. Suddendly, they heard detonations in the corridor ahead of them, and when they rushed in, they found Horazon, engaged in combat against Cirno and no less than other three magician.
Despite the difference in numbers, Horazon powers were overhelming for the opponents, which quickly retired usuing a teleporting spell.
Once the fight ended, the magic user was quite surprised to see them, but he quickly explained the group what he created to contain Axoras‘s demon: he bound him with a strange, metallic, eerie collar, which, while providing Axoras a boost in willpower to defend himself from possession attempts, could be activated to instantly sever his head. Horazon then entrusted Kane with the word of command that activated the artifact.
Subsequently he presented them to the guide that was to lead them to Tradem, The Bard,which they had already known in Talman.
The journey to Tradem, while long, was nearly uneventful, except for a very unusual meeting: while the group was approaching Tradem, they crossed path with an extravagant carriage, obiviously belonging to a group of traveling bards or jugglers. The Bard insisted to stop for chatting, saying that he knew a certain someone they must absolutly met. Tis person was revealed to be a blind female orc, which he said was gifted with the ability to foresee the possible futures. He then pressed them to enter the carriage for a fortune-telling, and altough not everyone accepted it, Kane, As’taris, Grim and Johannes decided to try to get a clue on what could be expecting them.
None of them divulged what they had learned, but they all were deeply unsettled by what they were allowed to see, altough none of them has yet found a complete meaning in what he’s seen.



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