Fragments of Kaos

Sparks of Rebellion

Our brave adventurers, having ventured into the Militia district searching for a blacksmith, managed to get enough money to get their weapons back by selling the treasures they “stumbled upon”. In the meantime, Kane, who separated himself from the group to go in the Temple District, was speechlessy looking to all the items in Veigar’s shop, having no weapon to re-take from the city watch.
As the group arrived at the city gates, they noticed a crowd of people, listening to a tall, blonde man, wearing a full plate armor decorated with holy simbols.
The man was stirring up the people of the city, claiming that the city governor was a tyrant, and that his unjust domain on the city had to be overthrown.
This didn’t go unnoticed to the guards, which quickly approachedto disperse the crowd and arrest the paladin. In a matter of seconds, the corwd got wild, an a surprisingly high number of swords, daggers and even bows where sheated. Most of the group scattered, getting away from a fight they had no wish to be part of, but As’taris and Johannes remained, aiding the guards with healing spell and fire explosions. Most notable figures in the fight were the paladin and an halfing priestess, which demonstrated divine power equal to that of As’taris and Johannes.
Thanks to the help of the two, the uproar was contained without any casualities on their side, and the guards captain, Croax, asked them to follow him to the marquis residence, to testify what happened at the city gates.

The two went to pick up the other memebers, and once the band was complete, went together with Croax to meet the governor of the city. Words of what happened must have spread among the citizen, as they watched the group with a fearful expression.
The meeting with the marquis, a young, composed human named Nayer was brief and formal. He showed a great deal of interest about the figure of the paladin, which they learned to be named Alter. He then rewarded the group by offering them to stay in the guest wing of the palace, an offer which they gladly accepted.

After the meeting the Court Counselor, an human around forty, with red, curly hair, named Veld, asked the adventurers if they were willing to help the government in solving this situations. The counselor told them that the city was on the edge of a civil war, and that uproars like the one they’ve been dragged in where becoming more and more frequent.
Strange events where also happening in the local graveyard, the dead where rising, but strangely they limited themselves to wander around the cemetery.
On top of that, a criminal organization know as the Black Piquè, which had been keeping a low profile until the tension strated to rise, was now actively expanding its activities, and now the fluvial port was in fact a lawless territory. Numerous guards had been assassinated while patrolling the area, their bodies discovered floating in the river. Many ships had also been raided, their cargoes stolen, expecially the ones bringing precious goods.
Caravans where also being attacked, since it seems that the orc tribes to the far south, near Granil, which where the main source of food for the city.
Due to this, the conditions of the lower classes were getting more and more miserable, and a young and charismatic paladin of Pelor, Valefor, quickly gathered around him a great number of supporters, affirming that the marquis had to help the penniless people of the lower classes. When his proposal was refused by Nayer, he started to preach to the people of the city about the injustice of the government. When the Court Counselor ordered his arrest, his supporters attacked the guards. Valefor is currently hiding in the city, probably in the slums.



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