Fragments of Kaos

Winter's grasp

In an innatural cold day of early spring, we find five adventurers in the tavern of Kalmada, passing there to reach Greypeack, the capital of the ononimous state, situated in a vast valley in the middle of the Grey Mountains, major place for trading uncommon and magical items.
The five adventurer we’re soon to tell the story are: Grim, a warrior with a liking for scythes, As’taris, a druid half-elf, Snilz, the charming thief (or such he calls himself), Kane, a magic-user, and Malt, a traveling halfling bard.

While everyone of them is minding their buisness, a charming woman enters the tavern, and after a quick glance, moves towards Snilz, casually asking if he’s up for some “work”.
As he asks for more info, both Malt and Kane, having overheard the frist part, come closer.

The woman explain them that she is a merchants which trades in some “particular” goods, and that a strange phenomenon is blocking her cargo for being delivered. As’taris, which was sent there because of strange reports of a never-ending winter near the Kalmada Pass, promtly asked about that, while Grim was more interested into the athletic figure of the merchant.

After presenting herself as Lilith, she explained that the weather around the area is unnaturaly frigid, and that the pass was completly blocked by a glacier. She then asked the adventurer to find a way to solve this mystery.



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