Fragments of Kaos

Not so brief summary of what happened

Since the whole campaing is a bit too long to describe in details(we’re playing this adventure since september 2011 on a weekly basis) I’ll sum up the story:

While exploring the cave, they met Axoras, an half-elf ranger which fell into those tomb after the earthquake caused by the destruction of the urn. Eventually they came to an exit, a large opening, which led to a glaive, where a majestic blooming cherry tree stood, humming with magic. Here a strange figure greeted them , asking As’taris, in the secret language of the druids, if she was willing to aid a just cause. The druid explained that a powerful avatar of nature was imprisoned in the tree, and that she’s been gathering all the heat from the earth to break the sigil, causing the innatural winter. However, to release the sigil a sacrifice was needed. As’taris, recognizing the madness in the words of the druid, refused, causing the crazed figure to mutate in a large, moth-like aberration. After defeating her, the cherry tree shattered, having harvested the vital force of the druid. A horrorifing, ooze-like, black creature stood up, observing the party, then leaped into the sky, leaving what seems like a hundread of smaller replicas behind.
Suddenly numerous blue-clothed figures seemed to emerge from nowhere, unleashing a barrage of spell against the strange creatures. After the abominations were deal with, the blue-robed mages turned to the party, and another mage, obiviously a high-ranking official, apporached the party, presenting himself as Maris, claiming that they had penetrated a possession of Greypeack, and broken a sigil apposed by the Council of the city.
The group was then brought to Greypeack for interrogation, and afterwards faced a trial. While they were in their cells, waiting for verdict, a strange, ooze like matter began to cover the ceiling, the walls and the floor. They tried to scream, but discovered that they could emit no sound. After the oozing black substance covered they bodies, they fainted, only to awaken in a cave, with no apparent exit, with walls completly covered by glowing runes. In the center of the cave, a magical circle with chains was emitting a strong, red light. Suddenly, an explosion of magical energy erupted from the circle, while an unnatural light was shed by a circular object in the middle of the circle.
They watched the light, and suddenly, after seeing an horrorifing figure, whose features were too terrible to even be remembered by them, they died.
Each of them found himself/herself on a floating platform, in the middle of nowhere. Each of them met a powerful entity, which, after telling cryptic words about the thing they had encountered and about how the now were linked to hit, brought them back to life.
When they opened their eyes again, a heated battle was taking place. From the magic circle dozen of thick, red tentacles where emerging, while all around the room the mages of Greypeack, including the Council memebers who were judging them them, were fighting against them.
After the “thing” was defeated, a mage of the council, Beatrice, teleported the group in the sewer of the city, telling them that they should escape with haste, and that she knew what happened. After escaping from the city, they met a druid, Reim, who adventured with Beatrice before she became a powerful magician. They spent two weeks in Reim’s grove, where Axoras tamed his animal companion, Brutale, a mountain lion, until Beatrice contacted them and ordered the group to go to Tradem, one of the major cities of the continent, and once there to contact one of her spies, which was hiding in the brothel “La Malafemmena”
They resumed traveling, and they came to the city of Talman, were they discovered an unsettlign high number of demons: local orc and goblind tribe were led by them either by sheer force or possession, and even the chief of the city guards was, in fact, one of them. Here they met a cleric of Irori, Johannes, which decided to join the adventurers.
Eventually they discovered that the cause of this demonic presences was a nabasu, hid in the crypt of the temple of Irori, which was killing citizens to fuel his growth, aided by the vengeful and corrupted spirit of a lond-dead saint which inhabited the crypt.
In the final fight, two unsettling events happened: due to necromantic energies, Kane collapsed, lifeless, bu came back to life in a burst of energy, unleashing massive arcane energy. After the event, when the demon was killed, something awoke inside Axoras, and, possessed by an unknow presence, tried to kill Kane, displaying both an unnatural vigor and supernatural powers. The rampaging possesed ranger was halted by the sudden appereance of Horazon, a high-ranking officer of Greypeack which they had met when they were trialed.
The mage, using a powerful binding spell, stopped Axoras, and removed the entity that was possessing him. Being aware that his powers were not adeguate to completly fend off the creature inside Axoras, he advised the group to leave the city as soon as possible, and to meet him in his
laboratoury, in the mountain to the north.
The group promptly followed the sorcerer instructions, and, after a couple of fights with the local fauna, reached the place. Hower, they were not greeted by Horazon, instead they found a majestic white dragon, which presented himself as the master of those mountains, and demanded a reason for the trepassing of his territory.
After hearing their story, the dragon was amused enough to let them survive…after taking nearly everything gold coin they possessed and the strange “lantern”, which he called “hatcher” they had discovered in the crypt

In the Hall of the Mountain

After falling down into the fissure, the party came to a tumbling end into a seeming natural cave. After checking if everyone of them was alright, they decided that they were too exhausted to properly explore the cave, so they decided to rest there for a rest. The cave was unnaturally warm, and they felt their fatigue fade from them as they slept there. When they awoke, they found out that their injuries had healed much more quickly than what would be considered usual, and that they had nor hunger or thristh. Unsettled by these discoveries, they made their way through numerous tunnels.
As the group made his way through the maze, they began to see traces of sentient being inhabiting the caves: as they wentured into the caves, Grim activated a trap, making darts rain over the party from the ceiling.
After the trap, the group took a much more weary advance, examing carefully their surroundings, succesfully dodging two other traps, until they came to an opening into the wall, while the tunnel continued, turning left. The opening seemed fairly recent to them, probably caused by the quake that made them fall into the underground complex. The other side seemed to be another tunnel, this time the work of humanoids, as it was cobbled with flagstones.
While they continued to explore the cave, they were ambushed by a group of Mites, which along with some giant maggots, were quickly dispatched by some fire-based spells from As’taris and Kane. The group re-united with Snilz, which had entered from another passage, which collapsed behind him. The group, finally whole, continued to explore the cave, until they found another fork. The group took the left turn, finding, after a few minutes of walking, a strange arch, inscribed with writing none of them could decipher. Going ahead, the corridor lead to a small room, where a large sarcophagus stood, an urn on it, humming with magic, and four great stone statues. using a minor spell, Kane discovered that the urn was the source of a powerful ward, whose focus were the four stone statues in the room.
He then started fiddling with the statues, trying to cut out the ward power source. However, something went horribly wrong: with an ear-brusting noise, the urn exploded, releasing massive arcane energies, and causing another quake. Both As’taris and Malt were knocked unconscious by the falling debris, and with a blood chilling howl, the tomb lid was thrown away, slamming against Grim, smashing him into a wall.
An undead mostrousity emerged from the tomb, cursing them for profaning a holy site. The figure quickly engaged with Snilz and As’taris wolf companion, keeping them at bay, apparently immune to harm, be it from daggers or from claws. Only Kane seemed to be able to affect the skeletal monster with his spells, an the undead, revealing a rather superior intelligence compared to other undeads, focused his attacks on him. Meanwhile, Grim managed to free himself from the coffin lid, and, after having grabbed his scythe, engaged the undead.
Eventually the thing collapsed, pronouncing cryptic words about things that were not meant to be freed.

A snowflake does not make a snowstorm

The adventurers went to the peack, noticing that the weather was getting worse the closer they were to the peack. Strange things were also happening to the usual dweller of the mountains.
In the end, after risking their lives in a snowstorm, they reached the pass, where they realized that Snilz, the thief, had gone missing.While exploring the pass, they found three corpses, which apparently died due to the freezing wheater. However, what puzzled them was the unusual frostbites that they found on the corpses. Altough the bodies were frozen, the frost bites where unusually placed in the chest of the corpses. Seeing this Kane theorized that they were killed by magical means, probably frost-based spell.
The mage could not even tell the others of his guesswork that a strange figure made her appereance, taunting them. She looked like an elven child, dressed in a blue dress, with six cristal-like wings around her. The mage identified her immediatly as an elemental, while As’taris, the druid, was sure that the strange girl was a fairy.
After a brief dialogue, where the elemental/fairy ,after presenting herself as Cirno and boasting her superior intellect, attacked the group.
The fight that started dissipated them of every doubt they may have left on who or what had killed the men they’ve seen: Cirno started attacking with a strange, unnaturally blue Scorching Ray, which nearly knocked out Grim. Grim, blinded with fury, charged the fairy, but, due to his rage and pain for the heavy damage he suffered by the spell, he instead hitted As’taris’ comnpanion, a white wolf, with a scythe, nearly killing it. As’taris run to her companion side, healing him with her most powerful spells. Meanwhile, Kane summoned a celestial eagle, while Malt healed the warrior wounds. The fairy turned her attenction on the mage, hitting him with a Magic Missile while flying up into the air, out of reach for Grim, which dropped his scythe and drew out his crossbow, loading it. In the mean time As’taris, after having secured her companion well-being, turned her attention to the fairy, casting a Produce Flame. Kane instead responded to the fairy attack with an Acid Arrow, while his eagle attacked the fairy in mid-air. Malt too extracted his crossbow, loading it. Cirno, having been heavily wounded by the eagle, shoot down the summoned creature with a Magic Missile. Grim and Malt fired their crossbow, As’taris her flames. After being wounded by those attacks, Cirno yielded, asking for mercy, claiming to know precious informations about the innatural winter.
The group stopped attacking, asking the fairy what information she knew. Hovewer Cirno, after commenting on how naive they were, unleashed a powerful rain of ice shards, causing a landslide, which trampled the group, dragging them in a fissure into the mountain side.

Winter's grasp

In an innatural cold day of early spring, we find five adventurers in the tavern of Kalmada, passing there to reach Greypeack, the capital of the ononimous state, situated in a vast valley in the middle of the Grey Mountains, major place for trading uncommon and magical items.
The five adventurer we’re soon to tell the story are: Grim, a warrior with a liking for scythes, As’taris, a druid half-elf, Snilz, the charming thief (or such he calls himself), Kane, a magic-user, and Malt, a traveling halfling bard.

While everyone of them is minding their buisness, a charming woman enters the tavern, and after a quick glance, moves towards Snilz, casually asking if he’s up for some “work”.
As he asks for more info, both Malt and Kane, having overheard the frist part, come closer.

The woman explain them that she is a merchants which trades in some “particular” goods, and that a strange phenomenon is blocking her cargo for being delivered. As’taris, which was sent there because of strange reports of a never-ending winter near the Kalmada Pass, promtly asked about that, while Grim was more interested into the athletic figure of the merchant.

After presenting herself as Lilith, she explained that the weather around the area is unnaturaly frigid, and that the pass was completly blocked by a glacier. She then asked the adventurer to find a way to solve this mystery.

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