Ecco un elenco delle bgm che uso/userò in varie situazioni:


Xenoblade Chronicles Music, Mechanical Rhythm
3rd Eye, Satori theme, Subterrean Animism
Queen Araneae, Diablo III
Heaven’s Gate, Diablo III
Organ Grinder, Emilie Autumn
Cthulhu Rising, Nox Arcana
Hypnotica, Two Steps From Hell
Nuclear Fusion, Okuu’s Theme, Subterrean Animism
Hellfire mantle, Stage 6 Subterrean Animism
Ambience theme 8, Amnesia The Dark Descent
Eldrith Battle, Baldur’s Gate Dark Alliance
Xantam Boss theme, Baldur’s Gate Dark Alliance
Bhaalspawn Battle, Baldur’s Gate Throne of Bhaal
Final Battle, Baldur’s Gate 2
Executioneer, Bernkastel theme, umineko no naku koro ni
Challenge an Arch-Demon, Dragon Age
One-Winged Angel, Sephirot’s theme
The wild Hunt, The Witcher

Combattimenti (heavy):

Corpse Party Blood Covered, Fear
Easier Said than Killed, The Witcher 2
Old Yuanshen, Saiga’s theme, Ten Desires
track 06, Borderland
solar Sect of Mystic Wisdom, Utshou’s theme, Subterrean Animism
Battle theme, Final Fantasy VII
Ghost Master
Mortal Kombat theme
Now, until the Moment you Die, Sariel’s theme, Higly Responsive to Prayers
Rescue Tali Battle, Mass Effect
Vorpal Blade, Alice Madness Returns
Dragon Battle, Baldur’s gate 2
A dream of Armageddon, Prototype
Infinite beign – Legendary Illusion, shinki’s theme, Mystic Square
Dragon Battle, Icewind Dale
Icewind Tale main theme
Venice rooftops, Ezio Auditore’s theme

Combattimenti (medium):

Unholy Trinity, Epica
The stars Align, Nox Arcana
Lotus Mother, Two Steps from Hell
Solar Sect of Mystic Wisdom – Nuclear Fusion
City Battle I, Baldur’s Gate 2
Forest Battle I, Baldur’s Gate 2
Battle Score III, Baldur’s Gate 2
Battle Theme, Final Fantasy X
Battle theme Final Fantasy IX
Decisive battle, Final Fantasy VI
Battle theme, final Fantasy VI
Complete Darkness, Mima’s theme, story of Eastern Wonderland
Drums of the Dead, Icewind Dale

Combattimenti (light):

Final Rival Battle, Pokemon Blue/Red/Yellow
King Louie Kablooey. Two Steps from Hell
Mountain Battle, Baldur’s Gate 2
Battle theme, Final Fantasy III
Red Final Battle, pokemon
Strawberry Crisis, Yumemi’s theme, Phantasmagoria of dim. Dream
Pokemon battle red/blue/yellow


Corpse Party Blood Covered, Fall
Corpse Party Blood Covered, Evasion
Corpse Party Blood Covered, Impact
Xenoblade Chrnicles, Uneasiness
Silent Hill: Homecoming, Demons In Shepherd’s Glen
Silent Hill: Homecoming, Slave 2 Death
Silent Hill: Homecoming, Snow Flower
Red Queen, American Mcgee Alice
Time to die, Alice Madness Returns
Castle Dracule, Nox Arcana
Tribal Music, Diablo III
Fires Dominion
Masque of the Red Dead, Nox Arcana
The Pit and the Pendulum, Nox Arcana
The Hollow, Nox Arcana
Ambient theme 3, Amnesia the Dark Descent
Vale of shadows, Icewind Dale
The Dragon’s Eye, Icewind Dale
Temple of the forgotten God, Icewind Dale
Eternity Rites part 1, Dargaard
A knife in the dark, Lord of rings
Hotel’s theme, Timesplitter


Baldur’s Gate Dark Alliance, Elf Tavern Song
Gjallarhorn, Dance a little
A Game of Thrones
The Tale of Icewind Dale
Easthaven in peace, Icwewind Dale
Town of Lonelywood, Icewind Dale
Skeleton of a Town, Icewind Dale 2
Kuldahar, Icewind Dale
Temple of the Moon, World of Warcraft
Hamlets of Aquilonia, Age of Conan
Concerning Hobbits, The Lord of Rings
London, 1856, Walid Fenghali
Humans, Warcraft III


Dear Esther, November
Gjallarhorn, I Riden Så
Galadriel’s Lament
The Ring goes South, Lord of the Rings
Temple of Tempus, Icewind Dale
Heart of the Forest, Neverwinter Nights
Cathedral of the sky, Rick Wakeman
Temple of the Moon, Dargaard
Transfer Compelte, Daargaard
The Isolated Vale, Dargaard
Stabat Mater Dolorosa, Epica
Melissan Theme, Baldur’s Gate Throne of Bhaal
Lacrimosa, Mozart
Aria sulla Quarta Corda, Bach
Jami Sieber, Out of the Mist


Blackmore’s Night, Loreley
Beltaine, Bring to the Boil
Assassin’s Creed III, Beer and Friends
Bardou, The Alchemist Dance
Gjallarhon, O-Vals
Gjallarhorn, Konungen Och Trollkvinnan
Metro 2033, Market
Mad Moxxi’s theme, Borderlands
The Copper Coronet, Baldur’s Gate 2
Irish music I
Tavers & Inn, the Witcher
The king of Fairies, Brigan ensamble


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